The history of Laureti: dating back to 1918

Laureti history

Ever since 1918, the German master tailor behind Laureti has brought to our clients the quality of tailoring as well as our manufacturing process. The first workshop was established in Lithuania as a family business. At that time there was a lack of experienced tailors, so each year the master trained nearly a hundred apprentices in Lithuania and Kazakhstan to cover their own needs.

However, the unstable political system in Lithuania before 1990 hindered private business initiative and all attempts to reach worldwide market. After 1990, descendants of the master started tailoring on industrial and scientific levels, producing clothes for famous worlds brands, including Laureti.

The spirit of Laureti brand

Laureti spirit 1Laureti spirit 2

The charisma and energy in the Laureti brand is inspired by all the women who seek to express strength and tenderness, independence and reverence, passion and care at the same time. The qualities that helped this survival during war and hardship making this modern woman so unique and attractive. This spirit of this woman is the core of the philosophy of the Laureti brand.

Laureti’s stylish creations are developed to enhance the free spirit, individuality, highlighting its charm. Our clothes are designed to be desirable, comfortable and reflect the personality of the wearer.

Traditions of Tailored Clothing

Laureti traditions 1Whenever we are asked what makes us so exceptional, our answer is that we fulfill the dreams of our clients. Our almost 100 years of successful tailoring experience are greatly due to our clients’ satisfaction in our products. Therefore, we seek to understand who is our consumer, what is their way of life and what could be added to it. Establishing a contact with the client is vital to understanding what clothes they need and how the garments should be tailored.

Tailoring allows us to confidently tell our clients “let’s make you stand out”. Our coats, for example, can be ordered in any unique length, with or without warm inserts, with or without a hood, custom colour and size – all depending on the wishes of our consumer. In case the client is unable to find their desired model in our e-shop, we offer of course custom tailoring, bringing our client’s unique ideas to life.

Professional team 2A lot of our ideas are created together with our clients and we are proud to say that many of our most popular collections were commissions from earlier clients, providing us with experience and inspiration for today’s wide range.

Communication with our consumer is invaluable for us as a creator of fashion. Today’s pace of life shapes an even more exceptional society and a delightful challenge for us as there is an increased demand for new and unique solutions which adds to our experience.

We are Designers & Clothing Engineers

Preffesional team 1Modern Laureti integrates the capability and competence from many partners from Lithuania and abroad, including but not limited to Ukraine, India and China. The last 20 years the mastery of our clothing engineering has evolved, and can boast millions of garments prove it. Custom tailoring commissions also play an important role in the process, maintaining both our vitality and creativity.

Laureti designers 1Even after our many years of experience we cannot answer for sure which proficiency is more valuable either producing thousands of stylish quality garments or tailoring an individual unique garment for a client. One thing is certain – words cannot describe the feeling of satisfaction upon seeing the shining eyes of a pleased client. Some time ago, a person came to us, having almost lost hope in finding something fitting for him, and now after working with us he is admiring himself in the mirror with with great satisfaction.

Therefore Laureti has two business directions:

  • industrial manufacturing, developing technology and scientific research.
  • improving communication with clients in order to understand their needs and tailoring a garment accordingly.

The experience of each direction complements each other.

Laureti engineersLaureti engineers 1Understanding each client matters both when tailoring an individual commission and in industrial mass production. This need for engineering precision during the process of industrial production later contributes to delivery of the highest quality individual garments to our customers.