Original Ideas & Design

If a human is watching to the horizon in the barren, his eye always notices standing alone tree, stone, beautiful sunset colors and everything what is different from the boring view of the barren. Object, being different in the horizon view stirs our imagination, inspires new thoughts and gives an energy impulse for our body…

Original ideas in the fashion industry most impressively are expressed through the garments style and color. It is easy to understand why it is so, if you carefully analyze what human eye is noticing when he is watching to the horizon.

Majority of us are living in big cities, where crowd of the people becomes our horizon, where seeing a human is obvious and usual. Therefore very often we try not to notice people next to us. However, while living in the big crowded cities, our eye will always capture a human, who is different from the crowd; it is like with a tree in the barren… We always want to communicate with such a people, because it gives us an energy impulse, inspire us for new ideas, awake philosophical thoughts in our minds. So, we can proudly say, that fashion is doing a great job!

Coming back to the garments style, we have to admit, that the main task for the fashion designer is to link his or her original ideas (style, color…) with garment’s functionality and comfort, individual body and character of the client.

We also need to remember, that choosing the correct fabric and right garment’s production technology has the essential value for expressing the designers idea and garment’s adjustment to client’s figure, style of living. Therefore Laureti team of professionals provides stylist’s advice for the clients to choose the ideal garment for him or her. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Originality – it is like an art to become a tree in the barren.

Rapid Development

Laureti team of professionals is designing the new collections, introduces them to clients, makes the changes according to the needs of the client and improves already created styles in most efficient time and way. We are ready to help You to bring Your unique ideas to the market in very short time, keeping high quality and standards!

Manufacturing & Quality

Laureti build its experience for individual garments manufacturing since 1918, while industrial garments manufacturing was started in 1993.  Our team understands, that quality means when customer’s demands are fully met in time and high standard.

The first and main step for quality control is to understand, establish & accept the customers’ quality requirements. This involves the following steps:

  • Customer is providing the quality specification to us;
  • We refer it to our experience and previous performance;
  • We test it on our Experimental production line;
  • We evaluate the results together with our QA and Production departments;
  • We give the feedback to the customer;
  • Customer is revising the quality requirements if the needed;
  • Customer is sending back the updated quality specification;
  • We accept the updated quality parameters and adjust the production process accordingly.

Production Sites

Laureti has its own production sites as well as wide net of the partners, established in Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, India, China, Vietnam, Italy, Germany, France, Norway and Portugal. Please contact us for the more specific information.

B2B Make to Order

Laureti offers OEM or whole supply chain for clothes manufacturing in East Europe (majority in Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus), China as well covering engineering design (patterns, technology…), material supply and manufacturing (including a good possibility to produce small quantities of different styles, collection, initial samples:

  • new styles design creation;
  • technical patterns making;
  • fabric supply;
  • furniture supply;
  • garments manufacturing (initial samples, collection, production);
  • delivery.