Custom-Made Clothing

Fits Your Perfect Size

Person advantage is hidden in his or her difference” – Laureti brand spirit.

We all are different! Nowadays, democratic society is built on tolerance and expression of each individuality. All of us intuitively understand that individuality can be expressed through the appearance. Appreciating our individuality, we raise high standards to our appearance, clothes and then we understand that mass production clothes are not always the best solution for us, since they are “produced for everyone”.  Being different we always stimulate curiosity of other people, a desire to communicate. People realize that and try to wear individually tailored clothes more and more.

Laureti company is striving to stress, that being a non-standard person is a merit and not a disadvantage. That is a reason why Laureti is introducing “Your Perfect Size” solution. Using this solution, you can enjoy clothes, tailored especially for you. It will stress your individuality, will make you feel extremely comfortable and happy and will easily help you to stand out from the mass of the people. Laureti team of professionals will apply their experience of mass production using industry equipment for tailoring of the garments for individual consumer according his or her personal requirements.

How to Measure

In order to produce the individual cloth for You using “Your Perfect Size” solution, we kindly ask You to provide us with the exact measures of your body. To take the measurements of your body will be easy job if you use Laureti developed measurement scheme, which can be found by clicking this link.

Please note, that the measurements must be taken without looseness, Laureti professionals will add this measure depending on the style you have chosen.

Also our professionals are ready to help You to take correct measures by using Skype or separately providing detailed instructions on demand. Just please contact us to agree how and when we can assist You.

Easy Buy & Try

It is very simple and easy to purchase the garments from Just select the garment you like, using the Size Guide provided by Laureti choose the garment size which fits to you, complete the order, make the payment and enjoy your lovely cloth just within few days. If You wish to wear the cloth, which will fit to Your figure ideally, we recommend to use Your Perfect Size option when shopping online.

All overdress (like coats, suits, jackets…) will be delivered to You packed in the special transport boxes together with the hangers, which will allow you to receive the garments in perfect condition, the same as they left our factory.